ARM engages an exceptional panel of neutrals. Our goal is to merge our facility in the best location with the best neutrals to resolve conflicts ranging from the very simple to the highly complex. As such, our panel is comprised of both former judges and skilled attorneys, who have proven experience and stellar reputations throughout the legal community. Their commitment and passion for dispute resolution is self-evident and their adherence to the highest ethical standards is fundamental to our organization.

Find the right Neutral for your case!

Robert Apple, Esq.

Phillip S. Aurbach, Esq.

Justice Nancy Becker (Ret.)

Justice Michael Cherry (Ret.)

James Chrisman, Esq.

Roger Giuliani, Esq.

Hon. Jackie Glass (Ret.)

Paul M. Haire, Esq.

Iśrael “Ishi” Kunin, Esq.

Kristine M. Kuzemka, Esq.

Lansford W. Levitt, Esq.

Bert Mitchell, Esq.

Kathleen Paustian, Esq.

Justice Nancy M. Saitta (Ret.)

M Nelson Segel, Esq.

Hon. Jennifer Togliatti (Ret.)