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ARM’s company logo is a compass because we see ourselves as the premiere destination ADR center. Our clients come from all over the country from points north, south, east and west on a path to resolution. At ARM we not only want to provide you with your resolution roadmap, but we also strive to be your last stop in often long and protracted litigation.

Our Mission

Our mission at Advanced Resolution Management (ARM) is to provide our clients with what we refer to as integrated conflict alternatives that go beyond traditional forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution.  We are dedicated to assisting our clients in resolving their disputes with the most effective and innovative ADR processes available to us.

Our distinguished roster of neutrals are comprised of retired jurists, experienced attorneys as well as subject matter experts available to consult on your most complicated matters.


ARM’s headquarters at 12,000 square feet is designed to host large multi-party cases.  The facility boasts 28 spacious conference rooms, a state-of-the-art courtroom as well as a luxurious lobby and lounge meeting area with full ADR concierge services.  Each day we strive to provide the perfect environment with your comfort and conciliation in mind. 

ARM is a destination ADR center.  With direct flights from every major airport, our facility is the perfect location for national and complex cases to be resolved.

Office highlights

  • Window views in over 75% of the conference rooms
  • Private business centers
  • Lunch from some of the best caterers in Las Vegas
  • Secured internet access
  • Flat-screen TVs many with Apple TV access
  • Abundance of drinks and snacks

The ARM State-of-the Art Courtroom is the ideal setting for a number of our integrated conflict alternatives.  Some of which include: arbitrations, private bench or jury trials, mock trials and appellate arguments, focus groups as well as a variety of other hybrid ADR processes.

Courtroom highlights

  • HD Cameras 
  • Multi-channel microphones
  • Private monitors for participants
  • 2 caucus/jury deliberation rooms
  • Real-time remote access 
  • Recordings are available for instant download

adr concierge

Our professional staff will utilize every resource available to them so that they can deliver exceptional service before, during and after your time at ARM.  They will serve as client liaisons assisting with inquiries regarding both in-house and off-premise requests.

  • Lunch 
  • Printing and Photocopying
  • Video conferencing
  • A/V setup
  • Special requests
  • Parking
  • Hotels
  • Flights (boarding passes, rescheduling, etc.)
  • Directions
  • Dinner Reservations
  • And much much more!
Photo of Main Office | Advanced Resolution Management