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Advanced Resolution Management has partnered with Case Anywhere, a leading online case
management provider which specializes in setting up and hosting legal proceedings on its secure
website. Through this alliance, ARM will offer its clients the option of having a private, dedicated case
file set up to transmit documents, communicate regarding case matters, and track upcoming events.
Each case hub will be made available to case counsel, the appointed neutral, and ARM case managers.

There are several reasons to consider using this platform in your next proceeding:

Comprehensive Case Hub – The Case Anywhere platform aggregates a number of critical case management functions in a central location, promoting cost savings and convenience. Through each dedicated site, users can:

  • Access uploaded documents organized in a color-coded electronic file cabinet that can be searched and sorted to facilitate easy retrieval of records.
  • Communicate with the neutral, ARM case managers, and other case counsel through a case-specific message board.
  • Upload deposition transcripts and exhibits as well as hearing transcripts for anywhere, anytime access.
  • Follow a customized case calendar which tracks upcoming events in your ADR proceeding.

Efficient Filing and Service – Each case site includes a streamlined interface for filing documents with ARM and serving other parties. E-filing and e-service saves time and money when compared to paper alternatives. Moreover, as notifications generated from filing and service transactions contain document links, issues relating to document size and security that can arise when sharing files by email attachment are avoided. The receipt of any notification can also be independently verified through the system, mitigating disputes as to whether a document was filed or received by opposing counsel.

Remote Access – In an increasingly mobile legal workplace environment, having access to case documents, communications, and calendar events at your fingertips is critical. Through our dedicated hubs, access your case file anywhere in the world via a secure Internet connection. As documents and postings are added, the system automatically updates and sends out real-time notifications. The online system can also play a key role in connecting attorneys and professional staff members across various offices.

Easy to Use – Each case hub is straightforward in design. Navigating your way around the system is intuitive and does not require reading a manual or sitting through a training session. An Internet connection, a web browser, an email address, and the ability to open a PDF document are the only requirements to utilize this service. If you need assistance, Case Anywhere’s experienced team of legal and technical professionals are available to help.

Secure Platform – Security is of critical importance, and a proactive, comprehensive approach is taken to safeguard client data, access, and privacy. The system is securely hosted in Microsoft Azure and monitored 24/7 by Azure Security Technology. Each case file is supported by secure socket layer (SSL) protection, multi-factor authentication, and database encryption. All data is monitored and backed up.

To learn more about this online option, including pricing, or to have your next case set up on the system, contact an ARM case manager at or 855.777.4276. We will be happy to assist you.


Dear ARM Clients,
First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are healthy and safe during these incredibly stressful times. On Thursday, May 7, 2020 Governor Sisolak announced that “Phase One” in Nevada’s roadmap to Coronavirus recovery would begin early than expected. We see this as a positive next step as we adjust to our “new normal.”
After careful consideration, we have decided to do a “soft” opening of our office on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 with several restrictions. Please keep in mind that we have many neutrals who would prefer to continue with social distancing and conduct cases via BlueJeans. We kindly ask that you respect their decision to follow the Nevada OSHA guidelines and participate remotely whenever possible. It is important to note that our panel has had great success working virtually and we suggest that you read some of the testimonials that we have posted on our website.  
At the same time, we are keenly aware that there are some cases that would benefit from in-person mediation/arbitration. Our neutrals will be conducting pre-mediation phone calls and it is important to discuss those considerations during that time.  Furthermore, our dedicated case managers are always available to discuss your options on your upcoming cases.  
If an in-person mediation/arbitration is deemed to be absolutely necessary, you will be required to meet and follow ARM’s COVID-19 Mandatory Guidelines. We know that these restrictions will be challenging, but they are intended to ensure the health and safety of everyone.  

  • All visitors, neutrals and staff are required to wear masks
  • Please do not wear gloves, you will be asked to take them off
  • Your temperature will be taken during check-in with a touch-less thermometer
  • All in-person participants will be required to sign a waiver
  • Please sit 6 feet or more from others in your conference room
  • We strongly encourage the use of hand sanitizer and hand washing throughout the day 
  • Conference rooms will be pre-stocked with snacks and bottled water
  • Boxed lunches will be provided – no buffet
  • Kitchen is for coffee, soda and water only
  • Please remember – NO HANDSHAKING  

We will only be operating at 50% capacity as instructed, so it’s important that you assess your case and your needs prior to calling our office. We are all looking forward to easing of these restrictions. The more careful we are the quicker things will improve. We will continue to follow the CDC guidelines as well as those set forth by the state and the federal government. 
Thank you for your continued patience and support. Just remember that we are here to help and will assist in any way that we can. 


ARM Management

Feel Free To Email
Us Any Questions