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Justice Abbi Silver

Incomparable Justice Abbi Silver was recently honored with the Nevada JusticeAssociation’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted on July 1, 2024

5 min read

Incomparable Justice Abbi Silver was recently honored with the Nevada Justice
Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award, a prestigious recognition of her dedication
and commitment to upholding justice in the state of Nevada. This esteemed award is
given to individuals who have made significant contributions to the legal profession and
have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to upholding the principles of justice. Justice
Silver’s impressive career has been marked by a consistent display of fairness,
compassion, and a deep understanding of the law, earning her widespread respect from
her peers and admiration from those who have appeared before her.

As a trailblazing jurist, Judge Silver has made history as Nevada’s only judge to have
been elected to every court in the Nevada court system. She has served diligently on
each bench, demonstrating her expertise and versatility as a jurist. Her extensive
experience has allowed her to develop a unique understanding of the complexities of
Nevada’s legal system, making her an exceptional advocate for justice and fairness.

The Nevada Justice Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award is a testament to Justice
Silver’s unwavering commitment to the legal profession and her lasting impact on the
community. Her dedication to fairness, compassion, and justice has earned her a
reputation as one of Nevada’s most respected judges, and her legacy will continue to
inspire future generations of lawyers and judges. As she continues to serve her
community as a distinguished mediator and arbitrator, Justice Silver remains a shining
example of judicial excellence, and this honor is a well-deserved recognition of her
outstanding contributions to the state’s judicial system.

When asked about the recent honor she received Justice Abbi Silver shared these
words – ” I cannot thank the Nevada Justice Association enough for giving me the 2024
Lifetime Achievement Award. This award means so much to me coming from the most
amazing trial attorneys in the state of Nevada. I will always cherish this award and the
incredible memory of the evening that I received it.”

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