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"Virtual mediation is super easy. The only downside is you don’t get access to the ARM snack kitchen. Jay Young did a fantastic job resolving a very difficult dispute. He counseled my client with the upmost care and the results prove he was well-received by opposing counsel. I look forward to many more mediations with Mr. Young, virtual or otherwise."
Julia M. Chumbler, Esq.
Maier Gutierrez & Associates
“Proud to say that I conducted a complicated mediation on one of our virtual platforms. It was easy to maneuver. In these challenging times, I am glad that we are able to continue serving our clients.”
Justice Nancy Saitta (Ret.)
Advanced Resolution Management
“I always appreciate having Judge Barker as a mediator. He is direct and helps get a resolution without wasting time. I also liked using the virtual platform as it allowed me to save time on travel and was more convenient to pull information from my computer. It was also more comfortable being in a location where I could just put my clients in front of a TV so they wouldn’t get bored.”
Michael Lee, Esq.
Michael B. Lee, P.C.
“I have told several co-workers my experience with virtual mediation exceeded all of my expectations. I do not have any suggestions as I do not believe the inability to appear in person hindered the mediation. I would suggest in the future, the mediation include video appearance by at least one of the plaintiff clients.”
Tom McGrath, Esq.
Tyson Mendes
“The process was pretty seamless for me. It went as well as one could’ve hoped, though as Judge Saitta said (and I agree) it is less than ideal to not be able to be able to see people face-to-face. In any event, it worked out and Judge Saitta was great.”
Christopher A. Elsee, Esq.
Ranalli Zaniel Fowler & Moran, LLC
“My mediation with Paul Haire was excellent. Mr. Haire worked hard to help us get to common ground and ultimately settle the case. I know he was pushing the other side to the middle ground while he was also pushing us. We gave ground and saw that the other side did too. Mr. Haire encouraged us to take strategic steps that would give us the best chance for a settlement throughout our session. I very much appreciate his hard work and thoughtful assistance.”
Dee Golightly, Esq.
Law Offices of Jason Peck
" We both thought the mediation went very well. We were a little apprehensive about whether our first “virtual” mediation would be effective and whether the technology would create any problems. We were pleased that the process was still effective – so much so that the case settled – and there were no issues with the technology. Judge Glass did an excellent job. We would do it again.”
Ryan S., Esq.
Attorneys on a Recent Mediation
“I thought the process worked well and should be considered in the future, even when social distancing is no longer necessary."
Samuel Schwartz, Esq.
Schwartz Law, PLLC
“Initially, I was extremely skeptical about mediating remotely. I was close to moving the mediation altogether. There were so many unanswered questions: how would connectivity issues affect the mediation? Would I be able to speak to my client in private? Would the neutral have the same effect through a screen instead of in person? Would the Parties be more willing to walk away from the mediation? All of my concerns were eased within the first few minutes. The technology worked seamlessly. It enabled me to toggle between private and nonprivate conversations. Most importantly, we were able to settle the case with time to spare. Obviously, we all prefer in person mediations, but I will not hesitate to set my next mediation in April or May knowing that Judge Togliatti and ARM keep things running smooth and can still get the job done!”
Jose Carmona, Esq.
Pyatt Silverstri
“Having the ability to mediate via remote means during this crisis is invaluable. Our clients need to know that if their case is ready for resolution, that we have a space for that to occur in. The remote means mediation gave us an efficient resolution, and more important, peace of mind for our clients. I'll add that my clients did not see a fight and that the dance was short cut. I explained to them that because it was via remote means, some things would be different. The dance was different, but the result was the same had it been drawn out all morning or not.”
Siria Gutierrez, Esq.
Bighorn Law
“The mediation worked well. I would do it again. I just miss the tasty lunches and Mountain Dew.”
Defense Attorney on a Recent Mediation
“Virtual mediation is super easy. The only downside is you don’t get access to the ARM snack kitchen. Jay Young did a fantastic job resolving a very difficult dispute. He counseled my client with the upmost care and the results prove he was well-received by opposing counsel. I look forward to many more mediations with Mr. Young, virtual or otherwise.”
Julia Chumbler, Esq.
Maier Gutierrez & Associates
“We had absolutely no issues with the virtual mediation. Judge Glass was as personable and insightful in a computer screen. We walked our laptop in and out of the room when we needed to discuss items with her privately. Our clients enjoyed her just the same—with the added benefit of being in a space they are already comfortable with our office. We will definitely schedule with ARM again and appreciate you offering your services through the COVID crisis.”
Ashley Ganier, Esq.
“The virtual mediation was effortless and worked great. There is no reason to delay mediations when we have this technology. The video functions and private chat work really well. No issues with audio or video. Would not hesitate to schedule again.”
Robert Ounjian, Esq.
Carpenter Zuckerman & Rowley
“I thought the virtual mediation worked great. Justice Saitta handled it really well. It would be nice if there was a method for letting us know she’s ready to come back to the video (sort of a virtual “knock at the door”) as well as a method for letting her know we’re ready. We used texting, but it would be simpler if there were an online system for it. Those are minor issues that could make it smoother, but they didn’t cause significant problems."
Dustin Birch, Esq.
Clear Counsel Law Group
“The connection with the Blue Jeans App was very good and we were able to communicate clearly, and even show exhibits and the surveillance video. This was a very good alternative to an in-person mediation and I would recommend it again.”
David Tanner, Esq.
Tanner Law Firm
“This was my first mediation in which ALL parties were participating online. I had no technical difficulties. For the best picture and audio quality I recommend downloading the BlueJeans app. I utilized my iPad Pro for the videoconference part and I could take notes, look at docs, etc. with my laptop. There was no interruption or slowness from a technical aspect. Please feel free to share my comments.”
Defense Attorney on a Recent Mediation
"I would recommend virtual arbitration to anyone considering it during this time that our avenues to resolve cases has largely been shut down by the virus. Everything went off without a hitch, and I felt and my clients felt their case was able to be fairly presented. It was all done very professionally, and we were able to quickly resolve issues like exhibits by simply scanning and emailing the specific exhibits we wanted to discuss. Thanks to Judge Glass and the defense attorney for agreeing to go forward."
Jimmy Howard, Esq.
Craig P. Kenny & Associates
"I am happy to endorse the virtual mediation system. Honestly I was initially skeptical of the process. I was concerned we would lose the face-to-face ability to advocate our positions with both verbal and non-verbal cues. It was not the case. The mediator (Justice Saitta) was very effective in understanding our positions and communicating those to both professional and layman participants through the video connection.Now that I trust the process, I am hopeful this will be a tool we can use even after the pandemic. The savings in time and travel alone make it an attractive option.”
Plaintiff’s Attorney on a Recent Mediation
"Thank you for reaching out. This was my first virtual mediation since the current pandemic, and I have to admit, it was a very positive experience. The video platform, BlueJeans, worked well from both a technological standpoint and simplicity of use. The "breakout rooms" for each party also seemed to work well, with Justice Saitta seamlessly being able to switch between her individual meetings with plaintiffs, and then the defense. Even though our case did not settle, it had absolutely nothing to do with the virtual medium. Even when the current situation is over, I would recommend it to any of my colleagues (and already have) for future mediations. Thank you."
Bob McBride, Esq.
McBride Hall
"I found the remote experience to be just as effective as an in person mediation…and the process seemed to go much faster than it normally does. I would definitely use it again in the future during quarantine, but also for out of state clients so that we can save the travel expense."
Alison Brasier, Esq.
Hicks & Brasier
"Thank you to ARM for putting together a very effective mediation. Justice Becker is always wonderful and she did a great job with the case she had in front of her. The use of technology was effective, I never felt as though privacy was compromised and it was easy to communicate."
An Attorney on a Recent Probate Mediation
"I thought the experience was excellent. We had zero technical issues on our end. I do not believe there was any loss of integrity in the process due solely to the remote platform. I was impressed and would do it again. It is so nice to be able to move cases forward without traveling!!!!!"
An Attorney on a Recent Mediation
"The process worked extremely well from my point of view – I did not feel that we lost anything by participating in a remote session. In fact, the process was very much the same as in person. Would definitely participate in a remote session in the future, although my clients will miss coming to Vegas!"
Priscilla O’Briant, Esq.
Lewis Brisbois
"I think the process works quite well. You have the ability to talk to your client separately when the Neutral is in the other room. No different than in person mediations. Most importantly, everyone stays safe. One added plus is actually being able to do other work since you are in front of both of your computer screens. It also provides better access to documents in the file. For me personally, I like a bit better than in person mediations as you do not have the travel time and can be more efficient in the mediation as well as with other work."
An Attorney on a Recent Mediation
"This was my second virtual mediation and I thought both went well. Being able to text the mediator when you’re ready, and having private phone calls with them outside the presence of the client is key."
Elizabeth Coats, Esq.
Naqvi Injury Law
"I was impressed with Justice Saitta. She knew the facts of the case and she worked hard to get the case settled. The case did not yet settle, but she indicated she would stay engaged with the settlement process, which is the mark of a good mediator.”
Michael N. Poli
Poli, Moon & Zane, PLLC
"The process was more or less normal, which is to say great. We all wore masks and distanced, but we still have a very effective mediation with Judge Glass. The facility was, as always, neat and clean. I have no hesitation mediating in person at ARM even during the COVID-19 crisis."
An Attorney on a Recent Mediation
"As it always has been, my experience with ARM on this matter was very positive. Judge Glass used creative and proactive approaches to get the parties to a resolution, and the facilities and resources at ARM are exceptional. The safeguards and protocols that have been put into place to deal with COVID concerns were effective, and made attending the mediation in person very reassuring."
A Defense Attorney on a recent mediation
"As a 46 year practitioner virtual depositions and hearings are new to me . I recently participated in a binding arbitration hearing with ARM and can attest that it was a positive experience for all. We older practitioners get set in our ways but I came away a believer in this technology. It is our future and we need to embrace it. Kudos to ARM for a well run and effective format to resolve my case!"
Keith Galliher
Galliher Law Firm
"My situation should be helpful for others considering my client is 74 years old and is in a very high risk group for having covid-related complications. I would not have normally considered having my client go to an in-person mediation session given his age and health factors. However, after seeing the information regarding the precautions your office is taking, I had a discussion with my client about the advantages of an in-person mediation session in the context of the heightened precautions taken at ARM. My client expressed no reservations and felt comfortable once learning of the thorough measures taken to ensure his safety. Overall, I felt like your office did an amazing job offering this valuable service while ultimately ensuring that the health and safety of guests was protected in the most prudent way possible."
An Attorney on a Recent Mediation